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Money Machine and Cash Reward with Backendless, Push and 6 Ad Network

Money Machine and Cash Reward App is just another earn money way just by downloading apps, watching videos or completing a survey. Looking for a work from home option to make money? Money Machine app lets you do just that. With the Money Machine app, it is really easy to make free money.

Will Create Profitable Automatic Dropshipping Website Store Of Any Niche for $80

Will Create Profitable Automatic Dropshipping Website Store Of Any Niche for $80
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alliance team Tuesday, December 18, 2018
RSS Auto Pilot v2.5 - One Click Site Builder PHP Script

RSS Auto Pilot One Click Site Builder free Download
RSS Aggregator is a RSS Feed Content Site Builder and Blogging System to Create and Manage Money Making website or you can even use it as your Personal Google RSS Reader with your favorite blog/rss feed collections. It is the only aggregator with all in one features and every day development .
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·         B.E.P.

·         $200K

·         71TIPS


Discover Step-by-Step how to EASILY Bank 
$300+ per Day on AUTOPILOT with NO Money 
and NO Experience!

For Help And Questions:
Mail me at:

This method is a step-by-step process that works. The key is to take action.
We need products that we can promote and a YouTube account, where we will 
upload videos to promote products. You can find the products to promote on: 
(ClickBank is very popular and have very good digital product offers you can promote. Some people make over $1000 daily as an affiliate)
MarketHealth, SellHealth, MoreNiche and ImpactFive have beauty and health 
products, which are very popular products shown on TV. Most of the products 
there are very highly searched by people who are ready to buy them. They 
only have to buy through your link so that you get a commission.
As an example, I have chosen a ClickBank digital product where I will show 
you step-by-step how to pick up products on ClickBank, how to make easy 
videos without knowledge and how to upload them. Also, I will show you how 
to push up your YouTube videos, which is very important.
Start with clickbank products, but I highly recommend that you do what I am 
teaching you with the products you choose on those four sites. With the same 
technique, you can create videos for products on the other four sites. Your 
income will blow away!
The good thing about this method is that after you are experienced, it will be 
no problem for you to upload several videos and make a passive income 
through promoting as an affiliate. Even after a year has passed videos will be 
online and you will still make money from them. The more products you 
promote, the more money you will make.

Product Search
Go to the clickbank marketplace (if you are not registered yet with clickbank, 
register here:
Click on "Advanced Searched"


Click on "Show items with gravity" and choose "Between".


Set the column to between 10 and 30 (higher gravity means more 
competition). To eat up the competition, you need to learn the skills I am 
showing you. After you earn some money with less competition, you can go 
with more gravity, which means more competition.

Now we get several results.

Pick one product you want to promote and have a look at their landing page. 
The product you pick should look professional. Also, pick products with high 
prices and rebills. They will bring good autopilot money.

Hop Link
Example: I chose the product Bodyweight Burn.


Landing page:
After you have found your product, click on "Promote".


Enter your account nickname and click on "Create".


Your hoplink is created. When someone buys through your hoplink, you will get a commission


Cloak with
We are going to cloak our hop link. Do not use TinyURL or Bitly since this can 
damage your video rankings, and millions of people use TinyURL links in their 
descriptions. The YouTube engine rates it as double content and your video 
could be removed from video search results. Go to copy in the 
field your hop link, enter your product name in "Custorm Url" and click on 
"Shorten!". If the custom url is already taken, add some numbers or x,z,s to 
your product name.


Our link is cloaked. Our long hop link is now short:


Getting Product Keywords
Now, we are going to perform a fast keyword search without losing too much 
time with an analysis of a keyword.
Go to and enter the product name.


Most of the keywords are buyer keywords. People who search with those 
keywords on Google/YouTube are almost ready to buy, and we focus on them.


We don't want to loose much time on a product, so we choose just 3-4 
keywords for 3-4 videos that we will upload.
Keywords that I chose for the videos:
bodyweight burn
bodyweight burn review
bodyweight burn pdf
bodyweight burn download

Creating Video

We will create videos with very quickly. If you know 
how to create videos, you can manually create them with Windows Movie 
Maker, for example, but we don't want to loose time with creating videos.
Sign up to Animoto at
Before we start, we need 5-8 images for the video. You can take images from 
the landing page of the product you are promoting or from a Google Image 
Search by pasting the product name. If you cannot find images related to the 
product, go to the landing page of the site and save some images from there 
or make screenshots of the headlines.
After we have images related to the product, we can create the video.
Go to 
Animoto and login.

Click on "Create".


Choose a style you want (you can try out different styles). I prefer Animoto 


Click on "Make a 30-second Video for Free".


30-second videos are free to create with Animoto. An upgrade is not needed, 
and 30 seconds videos will bring fast clicks.
Click on "Add Pics & Vids".


Click "Upload Pictures and Videos"


Now, upload all the images you have saved. Also, add a call-to-action image (I 
have included one, and it's in the folder of this pdf). Sort the images you 
uploaded so the video makes sense. The call-to-action should be at the end.
Now, we add a text to our video. Click on "Add Text" on the left sidebar.
Title: For More Information Go To
Subtitle: Your cloaked link
So, my subtitle is:
Click "Save".


Duplicate the text until you reach the maximal video length.
If you want, you can change the music of the video when you click on the song


Now, we are going to create the video. 
Click on "Preview Video".


Have a look at the video:
*Are the image rankings ok?
*Did you add enough pictures related to the product?
Click on "Produce" to create the video.


Our video is created, and you can view it on the Animoto site where you get 
redirected to.


Download the Animoto Video
We have to download the video we have created using Animoto so that we can 
start uploading to YouTube.
It is very easy to download this video with the firefox plugin, 
"DownloadHelper". You can download it here:
Install the plugin and activate it. Then, go back to the Animoto video link 

1) Click the video play button.


2) Click on "small down arrow" then on "Animoto_360p.mp4".


Save it in your folder by using your keyword (remember the four keywords we 
picked?) as the file name (I have saved the video as bodyweight_burn.mp4).If you have four keywords, you should have four videos:


If we just upload the Animoto video that we had downloaded and saved with 
different names, YouTube will detect and delete. There is a trick we want to use
so that we don't need to create four videos for the same product and loose 
time. Use a video converter and convert the Animoto video that we have 
downloaded to any other format you like (.avi, .mpg, .swf etc.). When it's 
converted to another format, YouTube cannot detect it as the same video. This 
means that we don't need to create four videos.

I have converted the video. I have now four videos:



Upload Your Videos to YouTube
1) Login to YouTube and click on "Upload".


2) Click on "Select files to upload".


3) Select the video and click on "Open".




We have to perfom the following edits for the video:

Title: "
Main keyword of the video" – "conjunction" "Random Keyword 
from keywordlist

My product example:

Bodyweight Burn – REAL Bodyweight Burn Class

Main keyword of the video = Bodyweight Burn

conjunction = REAL (you can choose any conjunction that fits best: 
but, however, finally, so that, since, etc.).

Random keyword from keywordlist = Bodyweight Burn Class (Do you 
remember the keyword research on I could have 
chosen bodyweight burn download from the keyword list, too).

Doing it this way is very important. The people we want to reach will search 

with the keywords we have selected on UberSuggest, so if someone searches 
our main keyword (bodyweight burn in my example), the probability is high 
that they get our video because we have included the main keyword twice in 
our title. We also have a second keyword, so if someone searches bodyweight 
burn class, they can reach our video as well. YouTubes search and index 
algorithm changes every time. I cannot go deeper to video marketing in this 
For now, just follow what I am doing.


"Cloaked Affiliate Link" – "Title"


My product example: - Bodyweight Burn - REAL Bodyweight Burn 

bodyweight burn 
bodyweight burn review 
bodyweight burn pdf 
bodyweight burn free download 
bodyweight burn system review 
bodyweight burn video 
bodyweight burn adam steer 
bodyweight burn exercises 
bodyweight burn download 
bodyweight burn class
for weight loss
weight loss with
loss weight
i weight loss
weight loss
weight loss for
how can i lose weight
help me lose weight
how to lose weight
lose fat
loose weight
diet plan
weight reduction
lost weight
weight lost
diet foods
losing weight
belly fat
weight management

weight loose
to lose weight
how do you lose weight
lose weight

Do not cloak your affiliate links with TinyURL. You will destroy the chance of 
your videos being better ranked. Most of the people cloak with a famous url 
shorter, like TinyURL and Bitly. YouTube and Google hates affiliate marketing. 
Just search videos, and you will see that many people use TinyURL. Also the 
engine could grade your video as double content and not list your videos in 
search results, which means no one will find your videos. Instead, use 

Try to add as many keywords to your description as you can. The YouTube 
video search engine also crawls the description and you will get better video 
rankings. This means that when people search those keywords, they will find 
your video. The more peole who look at your videos, more people will click 
your affiliate link and go to the product site. And more people will get 
interested and buy that product you promote, for which you will get a 

You can find keywords for your product on:


Add 5-25 keywords from

My tags for my product example:

bodyweight burn, bodyweight burn review, bodyweight burn pdf, bodyweight 

burn free download, bodyweight burn system review, bodyweight burn video, 
bodyweight burn adam steer, bodyweight burn exercises, bodyweight burn 
download, bodyweight burn class


Video thumbnails: Choose a thumbnail that would attract the people to click.


Privacy settings should be public (very important).

If you upload four videos for one product, always choose different catogeries 

for each video. In my example for this one video, I have chosen "Sports".


Our first video is uploaded and settings are completed. Click the link to view 
your video.


Note: Save your title, description, tags etc. in a text file. It is possible that 
YouTube could delete your video or suspent your account and you will loose all
of your videos. After creating a new YouTube account, you can just upload and 
copy your text so that you don't need to write it again.


Upload the other three videos you have converted to another format.

I have uploaded all four videos. You can view them here:

Increase Video Views and Likes
Views, likes and subscriptions are the currency of your video. To get better 
ranking in searches you need views and likes. Share your video on Facebook 
and Twitter.
We are going to increase our video views with the Firefox add-on,ReloadEvery.

If you don't use Firefox, search one for chrome, IE etc. 
Download, install and activate it.

Right click the page where your video is and setup a time when the page 
should be refreshed (I set this 10 seconds or random).

Important Trick to increase video views:
To increase your video views very fast, we are going to use the link of
our video. If you visit your video through the link, youtube thinks that
you shared your video link and increases very fast your video view (try it out). 
This is a new algorithm as well, you could some month ago just refresh the 
page with the standard youtube link which doesn't include a refferer note and 
you had got the view. Many people cannot increase their views because they 
don't know this little trick.
Go to your video page and click on "Share". Then You see your link of
your video (my link


Visit your video through this link and activate the refresh plugin. Your views 
will very fast counted. So your video views can be increased through this link.

Don't worry if your views get frozen when you get 301 views. It's a YouTube 
algorithm (if you are interested why your video views get frozen for a while 
look at this video

We don't need 20,000 views and hundreds of likes. This will cause suspicion of 

your videos and cause you to be banned. Anything between 100-300 views 
with some likes is ok. The important thing is that you push your video up a bit 
so that for now, you get better search results and people click on the video (usually, people don't click on videos with no views and no likes).

This system works. You just have to start. I have mentioned everyhting you 
need without investing any money. There are so many other methods and 
techniques with YouTube and promoting products, but I cannot go deeper 
because this PDF would be more than 1,000 pages.

Your work after reading this is to start following the steps I have mentioned. 
This shit works, and you should start your ass NOW if you want to make 
money online. If you wait for the magic pill without doing anything, you will 
leave money on the table that others will take.

You will definitely make money, and it just takes some time to master these 

My experience is:

1 of 10 products will make daily sales.
2 of 10 products will make a sale within a week.
3 of 10 products will make a sale within a month.
7 of 10 products will make a sale within 2-4 months.
Don't worry if some products don't make you money. Just move on and wait 
until it generates income someday. Just calculate for yourself: if you had 
uploaded 100 products, how much you would make? And uploading 100 
products is not difficult.

Very Important: Use only 1-2 products on one YouTube account. If 
YouTube bans your account (which sometimes could happen), all your 
effort and income could be lost. So, create as many accounts as 
possible so that it doesn't hurt you when they delete your videos. 
Then, you can reupload and it wont be a problem for you.
I still have some products that have been active for over a year, and 
they still bring income.

What do you do after earning money?

Congrats! Sit on your ass and chill out!


You increased your skills sice you have made some money. You may even earn 
more than you dreamed.
You cannot trust the income you make through YouTube. You may earn for 1 
year, 2 years, 3 years or even 4 years with this system, but what happens
when YouTube makes an algorithm change or starts to hate videos like these 
and deletes them? Then, you will have $0 daily.

So, what should you do?
Be a master of this method and make good money with this, but don't stick to 
this only. Improve your skills and try to go to a higher business, to a higher 
method. Contact me after earning some good cash and I will assist you.

You may ask how I much earn. Well, I won't tell you how much, but this 
method has brought me over a year of good income from the past, and I don't 
upload videos anymore. When I did, while writing this PDF, it was like being a 
pizza delivery boy (which I was in the past). A pizza delivery boy doesn't make
$500 daily, but when you improve your skills and scale your business up there 
where you make $5,000 daily, this method comes to you like a dirty job where 
you only get something between $100-$500 daily. This may sounds crazy for 
you, how a person can complain about ONLY earning between $100-$500 per 
day with this method and sees this method as a dirty job. When you achieve 
the position I am talking about, you will understand what I mean.

Master this method, upload at least 1-3 products daily (this won't take much 
time) and look how much you make. 

Proudly powered by Weebly

Alliance Team Thursday, September 22, 2016
Run your own eCommerce store and make commissions from Amazon!

Amazon Associates is one of the most known programs that allows you to sell products listed on Amazon website for a commission. You can build a legitimate business model with Amazon by creating an eCommerce experience at your Affiliate Website.
Here is a simple formula on how the this works:
Amazon Affiliate eCommerce Website + Targeted Traffic = $$
We build an eCommerce store which will carry products from Amazon. When your visitors try to checkout, they will be taken to Amazon for the payment. You'll get commission on completed purchases.
Why should you build a eCommerce website?Your visitors' trust will go up when they see you have a professional website with many products.
They will convert when they see your website uses Amazon as a payment gateway.
Google will trust your website when it looks like a real eCommerce website.
You'll have an advantage while promoting your website as an eCommerce website compared to an affiliate website (Promoting affiliate websites are way too hard)
You'll get a 90 days cookies for Amazon affiliates which means you'll receive affiliate commissions from all products your visitors buy, not just the products which you promote on your website.
Sell on both Mobile and Desktop.
My Earnings for September:

How will your website look?
Here is a screenshot of the look & feel. PM me for a Live Demo.

Do I need to have a inventory?No. You don't need to carry an inventory. Amazon's inventory will be used for all your visitor's orders.
Can I have the website in any niche?Yes. You can select any niche in Amazon for your website.
On what platform the website will be built?The website will be built on wordpress.
Do I have to buy the domain and hosting?Yes. You have to purchase the domain and hosting. Our team will suggest a right domain for your website. If you need any assistance regarding hosting, feel free to PM me.

If you have any queries, feel free to PM me or contact me

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Alliance Team Tuesday, March 22, 2016